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UV Pink Prismatic Giant Kid's Hoop


This kid's hula hoop is durable and made in a larger diameter making it best for beginners. The larger and heavier the hula hoop, the slower it rotates which takes the frustration out of learning how to move inside your hula hoop. This is also a great hula hoop for people, adults and youth alike, who enjoy body rocking (sustained waist hooping) for fitness and fun!

- Weighs approximately 15 ounces and measures 38" by outside diameter (OD)
- Push Button Collapsible for easy travel
- LDPE (low density polyethylene) special connector custom extruded for the perfect fit
- Coils down to around 22" OD 
- Made with durable 3/4" inside diameter PE black irrigation tubing (almost 1" thick), so your hula hoop is built to last
- Hand wrapped with deco tape and spiraled with cloth grip tape for added traction

Each hoop is custom crafted to your specifications and are processed as they are received. For more information on shipping and current fulfillment times visit our shipping page.