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Pink 3M Silicone Grip Tape


The SpinMajik pink 3M silicone grip tape will take your hoop game to the next level. When you experience it, you'll see why this grip tape has become the pinnacle of hula hoop grip innovation. Those tricks that haven't quite come together, suddenly you're nailing after you hoop with this magic grip.

- Comes in 1/3" width for optimal performance
- Option to have this grip applied to the inside of your SpinMajik hula hoop (***only available for purchase with a hoop***) or to order a 15' roll that you can apply to a hoop you already have
- If you are purchasing multiple hoops and would like 3M grip added to each hoop, please increase the quantity in your cart for this add on to reflect the number of hoops you would like to come with grip tape
- Rolls come with a paper backing for easy application