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Lightweight 1/2" PE Starter Hoop


New to hoop dance and want a hula hoop that has a faster a spin and less heft than the bigger, clunkier beginner hoops? Read on...this hula hoop is for you!

This hoop was designed for adults new to hoop dance. Weighing approximately 11 ounces, this isn't a heavy exercise hoop. Instead this dance hula hoop is made with 1/2" PE tubing, the same black irrigation tubing found in hardware stores. PE tubing is also much more resilient, less susceptible to cracking and not as rigid as lightweight performance hoops made with polypro tubing making this hoop a better fit for those just beginning their hoop dance journey. 

The spiraled tape job adds just a little bit of weight to your hoop compared to a bare PE hoop which helps slow its rotation making learning to hoop dance a little easier. The spirals of cloth grip tape add traction to help you stay in your flow. The photos in this listing were taken in natural lighting and in indoor lighting (no flash) to show how the tapes can change appearance in different environments. 

We recommend that you hoop on softer surfaces like carpet and grass since drops to harder surfaces like concrete will scuff up your tape really quickly (which won't effect its performance in any way, only its aesthetics)...or add character to your tape job depending on how you view it ;)

- Choose your hoop size measured by outside diameter (OD)***
- Crafted with 3/4" OD HDPE tubing
- Push button collapsible and coils down to about half its size for shipping and travel
- 11 oz approximate weight
- Polycarbonate connector
- This listing is for one dance hoop. If you would like additional hoops, simply increase the quantity in your cart