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Kid's Opalescent Taped Hula Hoop


This kid's hula hoop is designed to play as hard as your kid does and is built to last. Unlike the flimsy, lightweight hula hoops commonly found at toy stores, our kids' hula hoops are made with super durable polyethylene tubing that can withstand hard play. This hula hoop has a four spiral tape job. Two spirals are a vibrant, deco tape and the other two spirals are a cloth grip tape. The cloth grip tape not only adds grip but adds a little extra weight to the hula hoop which makes learning to hoop easier.

Choose your kid's hula hoop size measured by outside diameter (OD) and available in three sizes. Use your child's age to find the right size, or another a good way to find the right fit for your child is to measure from the floor to your child's belly button and add 2-3 inches. This hula hoop weighs about 9-11 ounces which might seem big for a kid, but larger hula hoops have a slower rotation than smaller sized hula hoops. The slower rotation helps takes the frustration out of learning to hula hoop, so your child will want to keep hooping :)

- Fully Taped with holographic tape and cloth grip tape
- Available in four sizes: Extra Small (hoop size 25" OD, Small (hoop size 28" OD), Medium (hoop size 32" OD) and Large (hoop size 36" OD)
- Coils down for shipping and easy travel
- Super strong polycarbonate push button connector
- Coils down to about 18" OD for shipping and travel (ships coiled)
- Easy pin lock system keeps this hoop secured, so it won't pop open when hooping
- Made with 1/2" inside diameter PE black irrigation tubing, so your kid's hula hoop is built tough
- Approximate weight is 11 oz