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Blue Rubellite Reflective Hoop


Looking for the ultimate bling? Our SpinMajik reflective color shifting taped performance hula hoop is for you! Wrapped with diamond grade, high visibility reflective tape, this hoop pops super bright when it's in its reflective state. This is the same tape used at construction sites, so the prism technology creates a highly visible effect for onlookers. The retro-reflective tape is designed to appear to light up when light hits it, so use your camera flash in dimly lit lighting for the ultimate in WOW!

The reflective tape is layered with translucent, color shifting tape. As your angle or lighting changes, so does the look of your hoop. The pictures for this listing are all the same hoop taken in different lighting (flash on for its reflective state) and from different angles to show its dramatic color shifting quality. 

- Choose your hoop size 24" - 36" measured by outside diameter (OD) ***It's not recommended that hoops made with 5/8" tubing are any larger than 34" OD as the skinny tubing can get wobbly in larger sizes***
- Choose your tubing type and tubing size measured by OD
- Includes crystal clear protection tape to help prolong the life of your hoop's tape job
- Standard one piece hoops have a polycarbonate push button connector, so they can coil down for travel

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