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Black Obsidian 5/8" OD Polypro Hoop


The SpinMajik 5/8" OD polypro hula hoop is lightweight (4-6 oz) and responsive, making it the perfect hula hoop for advanced hoop dance, off body tricks and performance. 

- Choose your hoop size 25" - 34" measured by outside diameter (OD) ***It's not recommended that hoops made with 5/8" tubing are any larger than 34" OD as the skinny tubing can get wobbly in larger sizes***

- Choose no grip/naked, an inside sanded racing stripe or add on clear 3M silicone grip tape for the ultimate in hoop traction innovation

- Standard one piece hoops have a polycarbonate push button connector, so they can be partially coiled down for travel

Each hoop is custom crafted to your specifications. For more details and our current fulfillment time please visit our shipping page.