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Beginner Fitness Quick Ship Hoops


Want you hoop faster? These hoops have already been crafted and are ready to ship, so you can skip the fulfillment period required for custom build options. Stock is limited to the hoops listed, and no substitutions can be made for this item. If you don't see the size or tape job that fits your needs, please visit our Beginner Fitness Hoops collection. 

About this hoop:

If you're brand new to hooping or have always wanted to be able to waist hoop but found it unachievable, our Beginner Fitness Hula Hoop is the hoop for you! The larger the hula hoop, the slower it rotates which takes the frustration out of learning how to move inside your hula hoop. This is also a great hoop for people, adults and youth alike, who enjoy body rocking (sustained waist hooping) for fitness and fun! 

Choose your hoop size based on your body type and height. Petite adults and children do well with hoop sizes 38" to 40" measured by outside diameter (OD) while people who are taller or have a larger frame might enjoy a larger hoop size. A basic guide for hoop sizing is to measure from the floor to your belly button to find your hoop size. If you want a slower, gentler rotation, you can add another inch or two to that size. For a little bit faster pace, go a little smaller. 

- Push Button Collapsible for easy travel
- LDPE (low density polyethylene) special connector custom extruded for the perfect fit
- Coils down to around 22" - 24" OD (see pics for details)
- Made with 3/4" inside diameter PE black irrigation tubing, so your hula hoop is built to last
- Approximate weight is one pound
-Spiral tape job with deco tape and gaffers cloth tape for added grip (see pics for details)

For more information on shipping and fulfillment times, please visit our shipping page.