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Beginner Dance Quick Ship Hoops (1/2" PE tubing)


Want you hoop faster? These hoops have already been crafted and are ready to ship, so you can skip the fulfillment period required for custom build options. Stock is limited to the hoops listed, and no substitutions can be made for this item. 

About this hoop:

This hoop was designed for adults new to hoop dance. Weighing approximately 11 ounces, this isn't a heavy exercise hoop. Instead this dance hula hoop is made with 1/2" PE tubing, the same black irrigation tubing found in hardware stores. PE tubing is also much more resilient, less susceptible to cracking and not as rigid as lightweight performance hoops made with polypro tubing making this hoop a better fit for those just beginning their hoop dance journey

- 36" measured by outside diameter (OD)
- Push Button Collapsible for easy travel
- Coils down to around 18" OD (ships coiled)
- Made with 1/2" inside diameter PE black tubing, so your hula hoop is built to last
- Approximate weight is 11 ounces
-Spiral tape job with deco tape and gaffers cloth tape for added grip (see pics for details)

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