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Thicker 7/8" OD HDPE Starter Hoop for on-body Dance


The SpinMajik Body Rocker Taped Hula Hoop is made with thicker, 7/8" OD HDPE tubing for those new to hula hooping or people who enjoy sustained on body hooping. Our hoops crafted with 7/8" OD HDPE tubing weigh approximately 13 ounces, so they're a few ounces lighter and have a softer feel than our Beginner Fitness Hoops which makes The Body Rocker the middleweight champ. The larger diameter of this beginner hoop makes it best for on body hooping while its relatively lighter weight makes it suitable for entry level hoop dance and some tricks. Note, the larger diameter of your hoop may prohibit tricks that require more clearance such as wedgies and escalators. 


- Handcrafted with 7/8" HDPE tubing measured by outside diameter (OD)

- 40" hoop size measured by OD

- Choose your tape job to suit your style (see pics for details)

- Your choice of spiraled tape job which includes cloth grip tape (pro gaffers tape) for added traction

- Push button collapsible, so your hoop coils down to about 20" for easy travel (ships coiled)


Each hoop is custom crafted to your specifications and orders are processed as they are received. For more information on shipping and current fulfillment times visit our shipping page.