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Hula Hoop Size Guide

Just want a basic starter hoop for fitness? Skip the read and go to our Beginner Fitness Hoops . Want to learn which hoop is the best for your unique needs? Read on to learn about the different options available to you and dial in your perfect fit. 

Selecting the right hoop size isn't as simple as using a size chart based on height and body type. With seemingly infinite options available, the best hoop size depends a lot on personal preference and your hooping goals. The right beginner hoop for learning hoop dance or trick hooping is very different than the right beginner hoop for somebody who is more interested in learning how to waist hoop for exercise. This three minute read on the different types of hoops is intended to help guide you in your hoop selection. 

Polypro Tubing

Polypropylene (polypro) is by far the most popular type of tubing for intermediate to advanced hoopers. Polypro hoops are lightweight, rigid and have a quick response time making them the go to hoop for tricks, dance and performance. Polypro hoops crafted with 5/8" tubing measured by outside diameter (OD) are lightning fast, very light (around 4-5 oz), super skinny and best suited for off body hoop tricks and advanced on body hoop dance. The 3/4" OD tubing is suitable for beginner through advanced hoop dance and is also light (6-8 oz) and rigid. Since the 3/4" tubing can be crafted in larger hoop sizes, it's the preferred choice for on body hoop dance. Goldilocks tubing, 11/16" OD, is the in between size but has a thicker wall. The thicker wall gives this hoop a sturdy feel and makes it slightly heavier (7-9 oz) than other polypro hoops. The relatively heavier weight of 11/16" tubing requires less velocity from the hooper making it a great choice for on body multi-hooping. 

For fast, off body trick hoops shop 5/8" Polypro Hoops

For fast, on and off body dance hoops shop 3/4" Polypro Hoops

For hoops great for double and multi-hooping shop 11/16" Polypro Hoops



HDPE Tubing

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tubing has a lot of the same qualities as polypro as it's also lightweight (similar weights to polypro) and responsive, but HDPE is a little softer and bouncier. HDPE is a better choice for hooping in colder temperatures since it's resilient against freezing temperatures; whereas, polypro tubing is susceptible to cracking in temps below 50 degrees. HDPE hula hoop tubing is available in 5/8" OD, 3/4" OD and 7/8" OD sizes. The 5/8" OD tubing is best for advanced hoopers as it's very fast and lightweight. The 3/4" OD tubing is great for intermediate through advanced hoopers, or (in larger hoop sizes) for those new to hoop dance. The 7/8" OD HDPE tubing is a great choice for those new to hooping or who just enjoy body rocking/sustained waist hooping as it's thick but not as heavy as the tubing used to make most beginner hoops (see PE tubing for details on this type of tubing). 

For fast and bouncy, on and off body trick hoops shop  HDPE Hoops

For lightweight beginner on and off body dance hoops shop Beginner Dance Hoops


PE Tubing

Polyethylene (PE) tubing is the black irrigation tubing commonly found in hardware stores. It's very durable and heavier than HDPE and polypro which makes it the best tubing for big beginner hula hoops and for kids' hoops as the added weight and tubing thickness slows its response time and requires less momentum from the hooper. This tubing is measured by inside diameter (ID), so the 3/4" ID tubing is approximately .94" OD. The 1/2" ID tubing is approximately .8" OD. The 1/2" ID tubing is great for children's hoops or for adults who want a faster spinning beginner hoop and weighs about 11 oz. The 3/4" ID tubing is great for those who are brand new to hooping, and the big beginner hoops crafted with this tubing weigh around one pound. 

Brand new to hooping shop Beginner Fitness Hoops