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polypro dance hula hoops for sale

11/16" Polypro Hoops

lightweight  sturdy feel  "Goldilocks"

Great for on-body double hooping and multi-hooping. 

polypro dance hula hoop

3/4" Polypro Hoops

lighter weight  fast  responsive

Best for on and off-body hula hoop tricks, dance and performance

The SpinMajik polypro dance hula hoop custom made in your choice of 5/8, 3/4 or 11/16 polypro tubing and available in hoop sizes 16" to 36" OD

5/8" Polypro Hoops

featherlight  skinny  lightning fast

Best for off-body hula hoop tricks, juggling, dance and performance

The SpinMajik Beginner Travel Hula Hoop for Adults

Beginner Hoops

High quality hula hoops for kids ages 4 and up, hand made for durability and built to last

Big Hoops for Kids

Larger diameter  Durable  Thicker tubing

Best for learning how to hula hoop around the waist

best hula hoop for adults beginner through advanced / The SpinMajik Beginner Exercise hula hoop for fitness, dance and fun suitable for adults and beginners

Fitness & Exercise Hoops

Best for learning on body hula hooping and exercise
Best hula hoops for kids / The SpinMajik glow in the dark hula hoop made for kids and adults beginner through advanced

Glow Taped

Glows in the dark  Durable  Lighter weight

Best for learning on and off-body hula hoop tricks and dance

glow-in-the-dark polypro hoops for sale

Glow-in-the-Dark & Glossy Speciality Polypro Hoops

The SpinMajik HDPE hula hoop made for adults, beginner through advanced hoopers, hoop dance, tricks, performance and all around fun. Available in 5/8, 3/4, or 7/8" OD HDPE tubing

HDPE Hoops

lightweight  bouncier  weather resistant

Best for on and off-body hula hoop tricks, dance and cold weather hooping

Add ons for hula hoop supplies

Hoop DIY supplies & replacement parts

Mini polypro dance hoops, juggling sets, doubles, triples, quads and more

Juggling Sets and Mini Hoops

featherlight  lightnight fast  ultra responsive

Best for off-body hula hoop trick and performance

The SpinMajik kid's hula hoop for fitness, fun, play and dance

Kids' Hoops

Hula hoops designed to play as hard as your kid does.
The spinmajik performance taped hula hoop for hoop dance, tricks and performance available in polypro or HDPE tubing and fully customizable

Performance Taped Hoops

lighter weight  responsive  wow factor

Best for adding that extra bling to your performance

polypro hula hoops for sale

Quick Ship Hoops

Want a high quality hula hoop fast? These hand crafted hula hoops have already been made and are ready to ship, so they can be at your doorstep faster. Choose your shipping (standard, priority/expedited or express options available).
reflective hula hoop

Reflective Hoops

High intensity reflective taped dance hoops crafted with lightweight polypro or HDPE tubing
The SpinMajik size adjustable dance hula hoop available in 5/8" or 3/4" OD polypro or HDPE tubing and fully customizable in sizes up to 36" OD

Size Adjustable Hoops

Dance Hula hoops for adults / hand made and fully customizable available in hula hoop sizes up to 36" OD

Starter Dance Hoops

Includes Grip Tape  bigger diameters — lightweight

Best for learning on-body hula hoop dance and off-body hula hoop tricks

best hula hoops for kids and adults, hand crafted and high quality hoola hoops for beginners through advanced

Taped Kid's Hoops

Hula hoops built to last.